What do employers look for on a credit report?

Answer In addition to background checks, employers are increasingly requesting and evaluating prospective employees' credit reports. This practice is legal and is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act... Read More »

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Why do employers look at your credit report?

According to MSN Money, almost half of employers may check the credit reports of potential hires. The Wall Street Journal puts the number much lower, at 16 percent.What are Employers Looking for?In... Read More »

Does bankruptcy look bad on a credit report?

A bankruptcy on your credit report can make financial institutions and other lenders hesitant or unwilling to lend to you or issue you credit cards. The impact of the bankruptcy usually decreases o... Read More »

How many times can a debt collector look at my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that any creditor with whom you have an account has permission to access your credit report. A debt collector to whom you owe money can review your credit report ... Read More »

What do employers look for on a background check?

More than 90 percent of employers require potential employees to take a background check before they are formally offered a position for a job. It is important to know what employers are looking fo... Read More »