What do employees do when their health insurance premiums rise?

Answer As many health insurance options exist, employees react in different ways after seeing a rise in health insurance premiums. An employee may switch to a plan with less coverage with or without a con... Read More »

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Can Retired Federal Employees Deduct Health Insurance Premiums?

Medical premiums that you pay can be deducted from your taxes as a medical expense. Of course, there are exceptions. If you have coverage in any month under Tricare (a program covering U.S. militar... Read More »

Can an employer offer the same insurance to employees but fully cover the premiums for some and require others to pay half of the premiums?

Answer No, if they are similiary situated individuals. It could be done by class - say management vs. salariedFor more details Read More »

Does JC Penney carry health insurance for their employees?

To answer the question, does JCPenney carry health insurance for their employees, the answer is sometimes.The company states that in order for full time employees to be benefits eligible, they must... Read More »

Should corporations be required to provide health insurance to their full-time employees?

On One Hand: Companies Should Provide InsuranceEmployers have wrestled with whether or not to provide health insurance for their employees. Healthy employees have been known to be more productive,... Read More »