What do elevated sugars do?

Answer Diabetes (elevated sugar) is a leading killer of Americans and the problem is only getting worse. People don't realize what effect elevated blood sugar can have on their bodies because the effects ... Read More »

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What does elevated organic acids and elevated triglycerides result in newborns mean?

Sexual development before the age of eight in girls, and age 10 in boys.

Elevated EBV VCA AB IGG and elevated EBV NUC AG AB and meaning or diagnosis?

EBV is the Epstein Barr Virus, which is the cause of glandular fever (mono). Most people get infected with this at some stage in their lives (usually without symptoms), and carry antibodies for the... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Sugars?

Sugars have gotten an extremely bad rap in recent years and many health-conscious people have attempted to remove them completely from their diets. Sugars are not healthy when taken in excess, just... Read More »

What are simple sugars made of?

Simple sugars, also referred to as monosaccharides, consist of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms arranged in different configurations. The specific configuration of the atoms determines the type of... Read More »