What effects can an imbalance of electrolytes have on the body.. in particular the heart?

Answer Multiple electrolytes have different activity in the heart. The heart is most sensitive to changes in potassium and calcium. There are many other features of calcium problems before you would see... Read More »

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Electrolytes for Colic?

Electrolytes are essential mineral salts necessary for many vital body functions, and they cannot be stored in the body. Normally, sufficient amounts of electrolytes are obtained from feed. However... Read More »

Are electrolytes used in car batteries?

Electrolytes are used in car batteries as a chemical catalyst. An electrolyte is found in the smallest working unit of a battery. A battery cell type can be distinguished by its electrolytes, which... Read More »

How to Absorb Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are absorbed as they pass through your digestive system, similar to water and other nutrients. The large intestine and rectum do a lot of the absorbing as the electrolytes pass through... Read More »

What are some ways you can replace electrolytes?

Water, juice and mix in some salt. That was in one of my physiology books. But don't worry about electrolytes so much. As long as you have a sound diet, everything should be in order. Just drinking... Read More »