What do dress shirt size numbers mean?

Answer Dress shirts are an important asset to business attire. Instead of trying on various shirts to find the best fitting one, a smarter option is to get measured. Dress shirt size numbers reflect simp... Read More »

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How to Convert a USA Size Small Shirt to a European Size?

If you are ordering clothes from abroad -- or even selling them abroad -- you may need to make a few calculations and check the exact size of what you are buying or selling. There are basic convers... Read More »

Where can I buy swim wear in Australia by cup size and not by shirt size?

Im pretty sure shops like bras and things have swimmers but im not sure if its by cup size or not. Im guessing they are though. And then if not there, maybe the internet. I had the same problem exc... Read More »

How do i get ink out of a dress shirt?

HairsprayTreat a thickly folded absorbent white cloth or towel with Hair Spray, dab the affected area with cloth, and blot with dry towel simultaneously Treat a thickly folded absorbent white cloth... Read More »

How to Buy a Man's Dress Shirt?

A man's shirt makes a statement about his appearance. Men's dress shirts are available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. The reaction that your shirt gains from others is a direct result of... Read More »