If a person who was born blind dreams, what do the dreams consist of?

Answer I've thought this before too, and I'd have to imagine a kind of sensory overload in the other senses. I don't know about you, but I've smelt things in dreams, tasted things in dreams, heard and fe... Read More »

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I Fly in my Dreams, what does this mean?

There are many possibilities but all in all flying dreams dispell the illusion of space and time and give us a look at what the other side may be like. Do you see roof tops? Do you see missing fris... Read More »

What do dreams of spouse cheating mean?

Dreams are powerful messages that the body uses during your resting state to speak to you about the issues you are dealing with. Interpreting dreams will help you understand and face the issues th... Read More »

How to Understand What Your Dreams Mean?

Sometimes you wake up and wonder what your dreams mean. Well here is a guide to help you understand your dreams and how they could relate to your daily life:

What does a star on a map usually mean?

On a political map or a road map, a star indicates the capital city of a country or state. A circle represents a major city. Maps usually have a key or legend that will tell you what the symbols on... Read More »