What do dookie beans look like?

Answer small red beans with a thin white strip

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My mom smells like dookie and fish how do i tell her?

Okay, Im a cna, and have had to deal with this many times. And Ive even had to clean this 600 pound woman that was bed ridden. It took me 10 soapy wash clothes to clean the cheesy looking, and chee... Read More »

In True Blood do dookie and Alcide ever get together?

You mean Sookie? In bookverse.. Nope. In the show... Nope. Sorry.

Black Beans Red Beans Or Lima Beans Which do you like better?

Hmm .. I guess black beans. One of my friends made an amazing south beach diet soup with black beans and it was very good.

Pinto beans, chick peas, green beans, and fresh cut salsa?

Look for dried pintos and chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) where other dried foods are in the supermarket. Fresh green beans are in the produce section. Some supermarkets have fresh salsa in the d... Read More »