What do dog tags mean?

Answer A dog tag is a metal military identification tag worn around the neck. The purpose of these tags is to identify a deceased soldier's body, a need that grew out of the realization that only 58 perce... Read More »

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What do ear tags on cows mean?

Farmers and ranchers practice animal identification to help them keep accurate records of their herd. One method of identifying animals is ear tags. Not only do ear tags help ranchers keep track of... Read More »

What do military dog tags mean?

Dog tags are used for identification by the branches of the military. They have been used by the U.S. since 1899. They are issued in sets of two and contain some information about the soldier.What ... Read More »

What does T42 44 A mean on WWII dog tags?

The line T44 42 A on a World War II dog tag identifies tetanus immunization and the blood type. In this case, T44 means the immunization was given in 1944, 42 is the tetanus toxoid and A is the bl... Read More »

What Do the Colored Tags Mean During a Disaster?

Health care resources become very limited when a disaster strikes. The triage colored tag system is designed to help distribute these limited resources effectively and efficiently among all individ... Read More »