What do different diamond shapes mean?

Answer Although round diamonds account for over 75% of diamond sales, according to, there are several other diamond shapes to choose from. Each cut has its own specific meaning, expres... Read More »

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How do I Cut a Rectangle Into Diamond Shapes?

Most pieces of paper come in a rectangular shape, but if you need to transform a plain rectangular piece of paper into a diamond shape, you can do it with just a few folds and a single cut. Use the... Read More »

Types of Facets in Diamond Shapes?

A diamond radiates brilliance and fire to the human eye. This is caused by the facets that jewelers cut into a diamond to shape the stone. The facets are the smooth, flat surface areas of a diamond... Read More »

How do I Create a Hexagon From Diamond Shapes?

Creating a shape on a plane or flat surface from a series of common shapes is called a tessellation. Tessellations are often used in art to make interesting designs; M.C. Escher is one artist who u... Read More »

Has anyone ever had any dealings with diamond pools or diamond industries and are they a reputable company?

Answer We are actually dealing with them right now... we are waiting for a pool to be put in.