What do dentists use to clean dentures?

Answer The prescribing dentist should recommend the most effective way to clean dentures. He may not suggest denture cleansers; some of the ingredients such as persulfate may cause allergic reactions, and... Read More »

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What did dentists use to clean teeth in the 1700's?

I'm pretty sure they used soot- and it actually worked!

What Products Will Clean Dentures?

Dentures need to be cleaned in order for them to remain odor free and hygienic. It can also help maintain your dentures long-term. There are products specifically designed to clean dentures, but in... Read More »

How to Clean Dentures?

It is important to establish a dental hygiene routine to care for your denture. In fact, you must clean a denture with more diligence than you ever cleaned your natural teeth.You should rinse or br... Read More »

How to Use Oxy Clean to Clean and Whiten Dentures?

Want to save on the cost of all those denture cleaners?  Try Oxy-Clean and you will be surprised!