What do dentists do to fill in tooth decay?

Answer If you have pretty healthy teeth it should only feel very cold since usually they inject with lidocaine (the injection feels like a sharp and quick pinch). First they'll drill out the cavity and th... Read More »

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Tooth Decay at 15, What Do I Do?

Well After Reading this I Think You Should Stop Eating Sugar I Am 15 As Well And I have No Problem With this . You Should Really Visit The Dentist So It Doesn't Get really Bad, My Dad Has really b... Read More »

What causes tooth decay?

- Not brushing your teeth - Eating so much sweets and chocolate or sugary foods- Consuming too many acidy foods such as vinegar - Smoking

What are the symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay?

The first signs of damage are chalky white spots or lines across the teeth. As decay progresses, the damage to the child's teeth becomes obvious.

What do dentists use now to pull a tooth?

It's not that they hammered the tooth. Basically, the key instrument being used for tooth extractions is the forcep (plier-like thing). Although the pliers look somewhat 'ancient', there are actual... Read More »