What do dentists do to cavities?

Answer no it doesnt hurt. they numb the side of you face they plan to give a shot by putting some substance on a tiny cloth. then they get this big needle and inject in that side of the mouth. but the ... Read More »

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Why do I keep getting cavities! ?

Change your toothpaste. There are some toothpastes meant for people with weak teeth. Also, make sure to floss and use mouthwash. Flossing is incredibly important. I use sensodyne pronamel toothpast... Read More »

How many cavities do you have?

I think I have cavities?

Sensidine toothpaste is available in any store that sells toothpaste. Try it. If it works, great.

Why do I get SO many cavities?

Is your diet very acidic? Brush straight away after eating sweets. But after eating or drinking something acidic, like fruit or a fizzy drink, wait an hour, this will give your saliva time to neutr... Read More »