What do dentists do to cavities?

Answer no it doesnt hurt. they numb the side of you face they plan to give a shot by putting some substance on a tiny cloth. then they get this big needle and inject in that side of the mouth. but the ... Read More »

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Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

I visit other dentists, usually my colleagues or seniors if I have any dental problem to be corrected or checked. Having a good mirror is not enough to treat myself.

What is used to fill cavities?

A self-hardening mixture of silver-tin-copper alloy powder and liquid mercury opt for the composite resin / tooth colored filling.

What is a primary cause of cavities and gingivitis?

Tooth cavities, or dental caries as they are known to the profession, are caused almost entirely by sugar, the worst being the sticky sugars used in candies, chocolate bars, and other gooey treats.... Read More »

What to do about receding gums and cavities?

Even the dentist I have worked for get cavities, the back molars have a lot of crevices and anatomy (pits and fissures) breeding ground for bacteria and plaque and people that do not have sealants ... Read More »