Do deer like to eat river birch trees?

Answer Deer can cause significant damage to trees, bushes and shrubs, and may try to eat a river birch tree. However, they will most likely not enjoy the tree. Some trees act as natural deer repellent, an... Read More »

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Do deer like the leaves of black walnut trees?

Deer do not eat the leaves of black walnut trees. They will rub against the bark of young black walnut trees to help remove the velvet from their antlers. Deer will also eat the buds of seedling tr... Read More »

How to Make a Paper Bag Look Like a Deer Hide?

If you are a social studies teacher for younger grades, and you're teaching about natives, have a project. This tutorial can show the kids how to make a realistic looking deer hide, just like the n... Read More »

Deer Froglegs Or Alligator Meat Which have u never tried but would like to one day?

i had gator meat beforei think it's better then chicken!

What is in Bio-Logic deer food?

BioLogic offers a number of seed mixtures for cultivating deer food plots. Most mixtures include New Zealand brassicas, which are plants like kale, forage rape and turnips. BioLogic blends these se... Read More »