What do debt companies do for you?

Answer When you find your personal debt spiraling out of control, you may wonder if there is any way you can get professional financial help. Debt companies can help you with your responsibilities, and th... Read More »

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Do debt consolidation companies work and what do they do specifically?

On One Hand: Using a Debt ConsolidatorDebt consolidators are an expensive convenience. They consolidate your debts into one lower payment, but often they raise your interest rate or include a fee t... Read More »

Can debt settlement companies be bad?

On One Hand: Debt Settlement Companies Can Be BadDebt settlement companies charge the consumer a lot of money, and there is no guarantee that they work. Debt settlement companies make it intentiona... Read More »

Are debt settlement companies legal?

On One Hand: Yes, they are legalYes, debt settlement companies are legitimate businesses. Instead of paying money to the credit card company, you take that payment and send it to the debt settlemen... Read More »

How Safe Are Debt Settlement Companies?

If you are considering using a debt settlement company to help reduce your debts, proceed with caution. The methods some debt settlement companies use to lower balances are unethical and not safe f... Read More »