What do dark circles under the eye mean?

Answer Pronounced dark circles under eyes can mean many things as the causes of under eye circles vary widely based on heredity, health and lifestyle. A person's under eye appearance and health can improv... Read More »

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What do dark circles under the eyes mean?

Dark circles or bags under the eyes are most often recognized as being the result of little or no sleep. There are many different causes of dark bags under the eyes, however, that have nothing to d... Read More »

Do dark circles under the eyes mean an iron deficiency?

Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of an iron deficiency, but there are many other possible causes as well.Iron DeficiencyAn iron deficiency (or anemia) can cause dark circles under the eyes... Read More »

What are the treatments for dark under eye circles?

Dark circles under the eyes sometimes indicate a long, hard night with little sleep. If you tend to have under-eye circles but are not burning the midnight oil, you may have inherited them. Allergi... Read More »

What to do for under eye dark circles and veins?

Many fair skinned persons have highly visible veins throughout their anatomy. Dark circles can also be attributed to kidney issues, I said can, and not always the case. Something to think about. ... Read More »