What do cucumber plant leaves look like?

Answer The look like those green, heart-shaped leaves. For more detail, view the picture at this site: Read More »

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Earwigs on Cucumber Leaves?

European earwigs are common garden pests that can feed on a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Although earwig populations can become problematic in some gardens, they are considered benefi... Read More »

What would cause the leaves of cucumber plants to be covered with white spots and to dry out?

Answer It sounds like a powdery mildew attack, to which cucumbers are very susceptible. This commonly occurs in plants that are aging, or during cool damp weather. One remedy is to spray the plan... Read More »

Why do plant varieties with erect leaves give higher crop yields than those with horizontal leaves?

With corn, the "erect" leaves allow the crop rows to be planted closer together. This generally leads to a greater yield per acre becase more plants can be planted per acre.

What is this plant plant that grows on a vine like a cucumber?