Can you use frozen crawfish for a crawfish boil?

Answer Crawfish---also known as crayfish---are best when served fresh, but frozen varieties can be used for a boil if you are unable to get live or recently caught shellfish. Thaw the frozen crawfish in a... Read More »

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How to Eat a Crawfish?

Isn't he cute...It is very easy to peel a crawfish, just learn these very simple steps. And remember, practice makes perfect!

How to Purge Crawfish?

Crawfish, sometimes called crayfish, are similar to lobsters but on a much smaller scale. They make their home in the mud of freshwater bayous and are referred to as mud bugs. They are most commonl... Read More »

How to Catch Crawfish?

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How to Boil Crawfish?

Hot and Spicy Louisiana Crawfish BoilCrawfish boils are a common site along the bayous and waterways of south Louisiana. Long tables covered with steaming crawfish, corn and potatoes along with tas... Read More »