Can cows drink rainwater?

Answer Rainwater may or may not be safe for cows, depending on where they are located. In some parts of the world, such as Honduras, rainwater can carry organisms that can cause such ailments as Clostridi... Read More »

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When man first figured out that he could drink cows milk?

haha good point. I normally think how things must've come about but never thought of this one - have a star.x

Can cows drink rain water?

Cows can and do drink rainwater. Rainwater can be a very energy- and cost-efficient way to water cows. However, it is rarely used as the main water source, as it is dependent on the climate and amo... Read More »

Can 1 year old drink cows milk?

My grand daughter just turned 1 year old and her doctor said to switch her to whole milk in a sippy cup now. We still have formula powder and will finish that up. BUt she seems to tolerate the milk... Read More »

I can't get drunk and I can't drink more because I feel like I'm throwing up if I drink one more drink...?

slow your drinking down! have slightly weaker drinks in alcoholic value. Mix your drinks, so you enjoy your drinking rather than necking shot after shot! hope this helps!