What do cowboys and indians wear?

Answer When referring to cowboys and Indians, one usually thinks of the man on a horse in spurs and a bandana with leather chaps, and a man in a moccasins with a feather in his hair. Though in many cases ... Read More »

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What did anasazi indians wear?

Because cloth, leather and vegetable fiber deteriorate, very little Anasazi Indian clothing has survived. Most of the things that have survived have been durable items, such as jewelry. Most resear... Read More »

What kind of clothing did the Kiowa Indians wear?

The Kiowa were Plains Indians, who wore clothing of deerskin and buffalo hides. Children wore breech clouts. In cold weather, men wore buffalo-hide robes and boots. Women and older girls wore "loos... Read More »

What do north west coast Indians wear?

the west coast Indians wore basketry hats, rain capes breech clout and on winter they wear fur hats and if you want more info go to kedwfj kdelsjf

What type of clothes did the hopi indians wear?

The Hopi Indians are a Native American tribe of what is now the southwestern United States. Their clothing evolved through many centuries of rocky desert dwelling. It typically highlights conservat... Read More »