Types of Corporate Lawyers?

Answer There are many types of corporate attorneys who handle a range of issues--from taxes, the environment, land use and zoning, labor, contract negotiations, securities, acquisitions and mergers and a ... Read More »

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I'm about to have a "holiday lunch" with 8 corporate lawyers at some fancy schmancy restauraunt. How many...?

I'd stick with nonalcoholic drinks, Nicholas. If an ambulance zooms by you'll want to be able to keep up with the rest of them.

Does a signatory on a corporate bank account need to be a corporate officer?

The signatory on a corporate bank account does need to be a corporate officer. Typically the signatory will be the treasurer or vice president of finance of the company. The bank will require certa... Read More »

The Difference Between Corporate Governance & Corporate Management?

Corporate management is the general process of making decisions within a company. Corporate governance is the set of rules and practices that ensure that a corporation is serving all of its stakeho... Read More »

Are corporate notes&corporate bonds the same?

Corporate notes and corporate bonds are essentially the same. Both are debt instruments issued by corporations or other nonpublic entities and pay interest to the holder. When the bonds or notes ma... Read More »