What do cookies mean for a computer?

Answer "Cookies" in the computer world are files that are stored on a personal computer (PC) after visiting a website. These files are used by the website on return visits in order to help it prepare some... Read More »

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What does cookies mean in computer talk?

A cookie is a small text file that a web server can save on your computer.They have many uses, perhaps most commonly being used to check if you are "signed in" to a web site or not. In this instanc... Read More »

What Does the Computer Term "Cookies" Mean?

Browsing the web originally was a very static experience. Pages existed in one form only, and you paged through them like browsing a book. In the mid-90s, however, web developers sought a way to cu... Read More »

What are 'cookies' on a computer?

They are places that you have visited on the internet and are stored in your computer. That's why it's a good idea every week or two to delete all your cookies and temporary internet files.

What is cookies on the computer?

Cookies are most definitely not like viruses in any way. Are these people smoking crack? "They are transmitted as parcels of text sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent ... Read More »