What do colors on wooly bears mean?

Answer Woolly bear caterpillars are the fuzzy orange and black caterpillars that eventually turn into the tiger moth. They generally emerge between May and October and are the source of many weather-rela... Read More »

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How many colors of M&M Boyds Bears Treasure Boxes were made?

Boyds Bears M&M Treasure Boxes come in five colors: red, yellow, green, blue and orange. Each hinged box resembles an M&M and includes a saying about chocolate and a tiny Boyds Bear inside.Referenc... Read More »

What should I wear with my wooly jumper?

What do the rasta colors mean?

The colors red, yellow, black and green are used often in Rastafarian, or rasta, religion. The colors were taken from the Marcus Garvey movement, which promoted the idea of African-Americans return... Read More »

What does 32 bit colors mean?

A program or system with 32-bit color allows for 16.7 million colors, each with 256 transparency levels. 32-bit color is also known as 32-bit RGBA, where RGBA represents red, blue, green and alpha ... Read More »