What do cleaner shrimps eat?

Answer The most commonly kept cleaner shrimp by aquarists, the skunk or scarlet cleaner shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis), eats by cleaning other fish. They thoroughly inspect fish for parasites and dead skin ... Read More »

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Snags or shrimps.....?

Do shrimps have tongues?

Shrimp do not have tongues in the general sense of the word. When they are young, shrimp strain their food (plankton). When they are older they eat nearly anything they can find that is digestible.... Read More »

How to Raise Brine Shrimps?

For people who live in the middle of the country, fresh seafood can be expensive and hard to find. Many seafood lovers choose to raise their own brine shrimp as a business or for a consistent suppl... Read More »

Do grass shrimps migrate or hibernate?

During the winter season, grass shrimp are smaller in numbers; however, they neither migrate nor hibernate. Grass shrimp live year-round in grass beds and have the largest population in the summer.... Read More »