Many scientists believe that newborns?

Answer A low white blood cell count usually is caused by one of the following: Viral Infections that disrupt bone marrow function Congenital disorders characterized by diminished bone marrow function C... Read More »

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How long do scientists believe green sea turtles live?

While it is unknown exactly how long a green sea turtle can live, the Office of Naval Research reports that green sea turtles are thought to live up to 80 years in the wild. These turtles take an a... Read More »

How to Come Out to Your Conservative Christian Family if You're Gay and Don't Believe in God?

Everyone has their own beliefs. You can have many different types of religions.You may have one or two. You might have none. That's all up to the person you are,and choose to be. When it comes to s... Read More »

Why do so many supposed Christian APs believe that their infallible God placed a child in "the wrong womb"?

Because it justifies their appetite for newborns. God has nothing to do with adoption, fertility, or infertility for that matter. If he did, why wouldn't the infertile accept their lot in life and ... Read More »

Wikipedia, to believe or not to believe that is the question?

well anyone can go into wikipedia and add stuff about anything. so I don't think its a credible source for research any more. Most of my professors won't even accept it as source so I'd be careful ... Read More »