What is urea in chickens?

Answer Chicken eliminate waste products from their bodies quite differently than humans do. As opposed to removing urea from the body through liquid urine, chickens eliminate the waste in solid form.Funct... Read More »

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What are chickens adaptations?

What are baby chickens called?

Baby chickens are called "fowls," though they are often are called "chicks" or "peeps." Baby chickens are not hard to raise, though it takes time and effort to make sure the chicks are well cared f... Read More »

What do baby chickens need?

Baby chickens are not born prepared to face the world and need a lot of help to survive their first weeks of life. Not only should the needs of food and water be met, but also shelter and plenty of... Read More »

What Are Cuckoo Maran Chickens?

If you're used to buying your eggs in cardboard containers at the grocery store, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the interesting colors that eggs come in when you start raising your own laying ch... Read More »