What do chemical reactions affect?

Answer Chemistry affects a huge number of things we encounter in everyday life, right down to what you eat and what you wear. Chemical reactions affect, among other things, gasoline, plastics, pool hygien... Read More »

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What are the special proteins that affect the rate of chemical reactions?

Catalysts increase the speed of chemical reactions in inorganic systems. Special proteins called enzymes act as catalysts in biochemical reactions. Like all catalysts, the enzyme remains intact dur... Read More »

How to Contrast Biochemical Reactions Inside the Body and Chemical Reactions in the Chemistry Laboratory?

How to study and contrast the basic differences between chemical reactions inside the body and the reactions in the chemistry laboratory are discussed in the context of this article.

What Are Causes of Chemical Reactions?

Chemical reactions occur when two substances interact to form new compounds or molecules. These processes are ubiquitous in nature and essential to life; NASA's working definition of life, for exam... Read More »

How to Summarize Chemical Reactions?

A common misconception held by many first-year chemistry students is that a balanced chemical equation highlights the entirety of a chemical reaction. A balanced chemical equation is actually a sum... Read More »