What do carnivorous plants eat?

Answer Carnivorous plants living in water will eat mosquito larvae, fish fry, daphnia, rotifers (fresh water zooplankton) and other protozoans. Land carnivorous plants will eat insects, arachnids, and sma... Read More »

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Why do carnivorous plants need to eat insects?

Carnivorous plants need to eat insects to supplement their nutrition. The soils in their native habitats tend to be poor in nutrients, so such plants had to develop ways to exploit other food sourc... Read More »

How many species of carnivorous plants are there?

There are more than 400 different known species of carnivorous (those that digest dead insects and animals) plants. They get all their nutrients via insects they trap and consume. The Venus flytrap... Read More »

Adaptations of Carnivorous Plants?

Carnivorous plants are some of the more fascinating members of the world's flora. While the Venus flytrap is the most-known carnivorous plants, there are actually 17 different genera of these plant... Read More »

Characteristics of Carnivorous Plants?

According to the International Carnivorous Plant Society, or ICPS, all carnivorous plants have three common characteristics: the ability to capture and kill prey, a mechanism to digest prey and the... Read More »