What do carnations represent?

Answer Carnations have multiple meanings; each color stands for something different. Pink carnations are symbolic of a mother's love, red carnations represent passion, white carnations stand for good luck... Read More »

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How do i buy carnations?

Check the PetalsLook at the petals of the carnations. They should be silky with no browning, and no petals should be falling off. Loose petals indicate dying carnations.Check the StemsExamine the s... Read More »

How to Dye Carnations?

This is an article on how to dye carnations. Carnations are VERY easy to dye and also very impressive. They're perfect for a centerpiece if a date is coming over or just to brighten your room.

How to Plant Carnations?

Carnations are beautiful flowers that will last up to the frost with minimal care. Read on to learn how to add them to your garden.

What is the origin of carnations?

The carnation is a native of the Near East, where ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated the flower. The name may come from "carnis" or "flesh," because of the flower's color, or "coronation" or "co... Read More »