What do cardinal directions mean?

Answer Cardinal directions refer to the four points--north, south, east and west --represented on a compass rose. Maps and atlases use compass roses to indicate these four cardinal points, in addition to ... Read More »

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How did cardinal directions get their name?

North, south, east and west are known as the cardinal--or principal--directions, because they are the foundation for navigation and mapmaking in Western society.OriginsThe names for the four cardin... Read More »

Are cardinal directions capitalized?

Cardinal directions are the four major directions on a compass: north, south, east and west. Generally, these directions are not capitalized unless they are part of a name. For example, "We need to... Read More »

Do cardinal directions need to be capitalized?

Cardinal directions are the four points of a compass. Capitalize them when they refer to a specific geographic region, such as the North or the West, because those are proper nouns. Do not capitali... Read More »

What are the eight cardinal&intermediate directions of a compass rose?

The directions on a compass rose are North, East, South, West, northwest, northeast, southeast and northwest. North, South, East and West are the four cardinal directions, and the four intermediate... Read More »