What do car dealerships do to unsold new cars?

Answer When new cars remain unsold, the dealership may sell them at an auction to used car dealerships, sell them as new for a significant loss or move them to their used car lots, writing off the depreci... Read More »

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How much do car dealerships make off of used cars?

In 2010, the National Automobile Dealers Association said the average amount of pre-tax, or gross-profit, made by dealers was $2,269 per used vehicle. This compares to an average of $1,183 per used... Read More »

What formula do auto dealerships use for Gap insurance refunds?

Gap Insurance Refunds The answer depends on the state where Gap was purchased. In many states the refund is calculated pro rata. This means if a cancel is requested in month 30 of a 60-month loa... Read More »

When did car dealerships start?

The first car dealership was started in 1896 by William Metzger in Detroit, Michigan. Before that, cars were sold through the factories. William Metzger sold many different makes and models of cars... Read More »

Arizona Car Dealerships Laws?

Arizona has a range of laws governing businesses and commercial enterprises, including car dealerships. This state's laws have specific requirements for all dealerships and people employed as car d... Read More »