What do buzzards eat?

Answer Many people in the United States, according to the Turkey Vulture Society website, incorrectly call turkey vultures and black vultures buzzards. These large North American birds share a similar die... Read More »

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What do arctic buzzards eat?

Rough-legged hawks, also known as rough-legged buzzards or Arctic buzzards, consume small birds and mammals. Their preferred prey consists of voles and lemmings. The more prey the birds consume, th... Read More »

What is a flock of buzzards called?

A flock of buzzards is called a "wake." In certain parts of the United States, the birds are called vultures and are considered pests, particularly in rural areas. Buzzards are birds of prey.Source... Read More »

What is a group of buzzards called?

A group of buzzards is referred to as a wake. A wake can also refer to a group of vultures. Buzzards are considered birds of prey, and they feed on other animals.Source:The Medina County Gazette: C... Read More »

What county is Buzzards Bay located within?

Buzzards Bay is a town in Massachusetts located in Barnstable County. The small town is established near the eastern coast on the Atlantic Ocean and as of the 2000 census had about 3,500 residents.... Read More »