What do buzzards eat?

Answer Many people in the United States, according to the Turkey Vulture Society website, incorrectly call turkey vultures and black vultures buzzards. These large North American birds share a similar die... Read More »

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When do buzzards migrate?

Buzzards, also known as vultures, migrate in the spring and fall. Some have been known to migrate as far as South America from the northern United States. They leave colder climates in fall and ret... Read More »

Do buzzards have an anus?

The term "buzzard" is casually used as a nickname for a number of birds, including black vultures, turkey vultures, king vultures and the common buzzard, which is known as a hawk. Each of these bi... Read More »

Where do buzzards roost?

A buzzard's roost can be just about anything that supports its weight: a large tree branch, a cliff or even a telephone poll (but it usually prefers some tree cover). These roosts are found across ... Read More »

What do arctic buzzards eat?

Rough-legged hawks, also known as rough-legged buzzards or Arctic buzzards, consume small birds and mammals. Their preferred prey consists of voles and lemmings. The more prey the birds consume, th... Read More »