What do brain coral eat?

Answer Brain corals feed on other tiny sea animals. They eat mostly plankton which float into the coral. Symbiotic plants living on the brain coral utilize photosynthesis, the byproducts of which help to ... Read More »

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Brain Coral Habitat?

Like most other coral, brain coral inhabits saltwater environments throughout the world and are instrumental to the biodiversity of these marine habitats that other organisms are dependent upon. Th... Read More »

What phylum is brain coral in?

Brain corals are in the phylum Cnidaria. This is the phylum that contains all corals as well as jellyfish, hydra and sea anemones. Though they have no brain, spinal cord or bones, brain corals are ... Read More »

Facts About Brain Coral?

Brain coral includes several varieties of coral that are generally round or oval in shape with grooved or smooth ridges meandering across their surface so that they look much like a brain. Brain co... Read More »

How to Stop a Butterfly From Eating a Brain Coral?

Butterflyfishes are among the most striking and interesting marine aquarium inhabitants. These vividly colored coral fish, however, are difficult to feed, and those that do begin to feed in captivi... Read More »