What do braces feel like ?

Answer While they are putting them on it can be kind of painful, not a Big pain, more of a tightening and uncomfortable pressure pain. When that is done it takes some getting used to, like you can get you... Read More »

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When you kiss someone with braces do you feel them?

yes they'll feel them, but it doesnt have to ruin the moment, just be careful. If you get too wild/careless then yes it's going to hurt them, if they get to wild or careless they will hurt themselv... Read More »

What do braces feel like do they hurt a lot?

The truth is, it doesn't hurt to get your braces put on, but after an hour or so your teeth do start to ache a bit from the pressure. The aching pain can get quite bad, and if you can I would sugge... Read More »

I got braces and my teeth feel loose !?

its because your teeth are moving i had braces to felt the same thing don't worry and yes i was only able only to eat soft foods to when i first got them.. you just gotta get use to them and you ca... Read More »

Are wrist braces supposed to feel uncomfortable and hurt a little?

Yeah probably for a bit. Yay! You get to be all gimpy like me!Yeah I know what LCG was talking about. I wear the wrist guards and knee pads but I refuse to wear the helmet. I don't want to be m... Read More »