Boys: what do you love and hate most about girls?

Answer I am a homosexual teenage male, and thus I am not sexually turned on by females, so my answer is solely based on the personality traits of females, and not the traits of females when it comes to re... Read More »

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Boys, what do you think about make-up (girls an answer too if you want) ?

You look beautiful either way.I don't mind make up on girls, as long as it is not a constant thing.. sort of like for a special occasion, like I would wear a cologne if I was going out to dinner or... Read More »

What did Carol Gilligan say about moral development between boys& girls?

Carol Gilligan noted that girls concern themselves more with relationships, care and how they connect with other people. Her hypothesis stated that girls incline themselves toward caring, while boy... Read More »

What opinions about the girls on The Flavor of Love season 2?

"Deelishis has a lot of junk in her trunk!"x900"Buckeey has a lot of junk in her trunk!"x903"Bootz is the sexiest one on the show!"x785"Buckeey is the second sexiest one on the show!"x890"Krazy was... Read More »

How to Write a Persuasive Essay About Girls & Boys Playing Sports Together?

The first step in writing a persuasive essay is to pick a "discussable issue," according to Butte College. Since the topic of coed sports continues to be a subject of debate among athletes, educat... Read More »