How to Look Like a Girl for a Prank (Boys)?

Answer You have to face it, dressing up as a girl and tricking others in to believing you would be pretty funny. But if you do it wrong, it can also be embarrassing, so let's make sure you can ace this pr... Read More »

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How to Be a Beautiful Girl and Make Boys Like You?

Every girl wants to know the deepest secrets to being attractive to boys, but it really is much simpler than you might think! Here are some steps to help.

Okay boys, you see a girl walking down the road she is your PERFECT type, what does she look like?

Hair: Very dark, but not black. Very long to back and wavy!Eyes: BlueNot fake tan, not too pale. Olive colored is nice.She's about 5'5''-5'7'' and average to a thin weight.. Average breasts, not... Read More »

What was the name of the cartoon kids program with three siblings two boys one girl the girl had purple hair and she was a witch her brothers were wizards and they had a magic talking spell book?

Sounds like "UBOS - Ultimate Book of Spells", from about 2002 or so.

What girl group is featured in Jersey Boys?