What do blue street signs stand for?

Answer In the United States, blue traffic signs are commonly used on roadways to display information about nearby tourism, to direct drivers through evacuation routes and to provide roadside services, suc... Read More »

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What are some changes that you would make to street signs and why?

i would require cities to cut down bushes & trees blocking them!!!

I can't read street signs?

wear the glasses bro. your just ruining your eyes by not wearing them. You are probably giving yourself headaches because of the eye strain. You will just be hurting yourself by not wearing them. I... Read More »

What is the meaning of colors on street signs?

In North America, traffic signs have different colors so motorists or pedestrians are able to identify the type of sign they are approaching before they actually see the writing. Each color unifor... Read More »

What is the source for street safety signs?

Street safety signs are produced by specialty sign companies, which in turn sell their products to municipalities. Signs must meet rigorous safety standards set by the Department of Transportation ... Read More »