What do blue roses mean?

Answer Blue roses are considered a mysterious flower, due to the fact that blue roses do not grow naturally in nature. They have been dyed and genetically engineered to create the blue color.New Opportuni... Read More »

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What do blue roses represent?

In reality, blue roses do not exist. They are white roses dyed blue. Since it is hard to produce true blue roses, blue roses symbolize mystery and attaining the impossible. As such, a blue rose is... Read More »

Blue Roses?

Are blue roses real?

Blue roses do not occur in nature. People who desire blue roses have traditionally had to dye white roses blue. Growers have been trying to produce a genetically modified blue rose for years. In 20... Read More »

Roses are red voilets are blue...?

Roses are redViolets are blueIt's called Catching FireNOT Hunger Games Two!