What do black&yellow spotted salamanders eat?

Answer The spotted salamander lives underground in damp deciduous forests and eats earthworms, slugs, snails, spiders and a variety of insects. They are nocturnal and hunt at night. In captivity, they can... Read More »

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Last month you spotted for two days then your period got heavier this month you spotted for four days and now today your period is starting to get heavier is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer no, it is a sign of stress. try to relax joymaker rn

What is the name for baby salamanders?

Salamander is the name that is used to describe an entire group of adult amphibians that have tails. Salamanders grow from an egg and into a larval stage. In the larval stage, salamanders are known... Read More »

How to Capture Salamanders?

North America has more salamanders than any other continent, according to Nature Haven. Salamander is a common term which encompasses more than 350 species of amphibians, so your odds of capturing ... Read More »

Salamanders for Kids?

Salamanders are relatives of frogs and toads, and belong to a category of animals called "amphibians." Amphibians are animals that spend their youth living under water and then live on land upon be... Read More »