What do blackberry plants look like?

Answer Blackberries grow on bushes and make a wonderful summer treat for those who grow them or find them in the wild. Some people find them a nuisance, but consistent trimming can solve this problem.Leav... Read More »

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How do i care for blackberry plants?

PlantingPlant blackberry plants in early spring, after the last frost. Space the blackberry plants in rows, with 3 feet between the plants and 8 feet between each row.CultivateThe roots of the blac... Read More »

Raspberry/blackberry plants & a few 's?

The planting instructions should be on the package or information available from the nursery. In my experience I would plant a couple of feet apart for cross pollination , mulch likely would not hu... Read More »

How do I grow blackberry plants?

Where to PlantPlant blackberry starts during early spring in a sunny or partly shady location with medium and well-drained soil. Before planting, till the soil to remove any clumps, sticks, weeds a... Read More »

How far apart should blackberry plants be planted?

Plant trailing blackberry plant varieties 4 to 8 feet apart, and space the rows of blackberry plants 8 to 10 feet apart. Plant erect blackberry varieties 2 to 4 feet apart in rows that are 8 to 10 ... Read More »