What do blackberry plants look like?

Answer Blackberries grow on bushes and make a wonderful summer treat for those who grow them or find them in the wild. Some people find them a nuisance, but consistent trimming can solve this problem.Leav... Read More »

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What do herb plants look like?

Herbs vary greatly in flavor and are used in nearly every culture's cuisines. Many popular herbs have a similar appearance. This guide will help identify key features of six of the most popular her... Read More »

What do male pot plants look like?

They have no bud and produce pollen sacks that look like seeds

What should my saffron plants look like right now?

Saffron are related to crocus and are a fall flowering crocus as I understand it. Bulb plants in general have a season and then they must go dormant. It sounds as if you forced them to stay a pla... Read More »

Tropical Plants From Hawaii That Look Like Elephant Ears?

The Pacific Island chain of Hawaii is known for its dense endemic flora and fauna. Hawaii's ancient topography, rich soil and abundant sunshine produce a vast spectrum of native plants. Although th... Read More »