What do black spots on gums mean?

Answer Occurrences of dark spots on the gums can be worrying, therefore it's important to consult a dental professional first about any changes to the gums.TypesBlack spots on the gums can be precancerous... Read More »

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2 Black spots on my gums?

You answered mine so i'll answer yours ;3I looked it up and it said that black spots on your gums could be oral cancer. ( i hope not teeth are bad too Dx) or mabey...(copied and pasted fro... Read More »

What do black spots on avocado mean?

They generally occur when refrigerated, they should be ripened at room temperature

Am seeing black spots floating in my right eye, does this mean anything.?

You don't give your age, but you may well be describing a floater. These are impurities which develop increasingly with age, in the previously clear gel of the eye.Go see your GP or optician to con... Read More »

Worried Sick! Black Gums !?

I would definitely seek an medical opinion right away the longer you wait the worse it could be. Feel lucky that you have a situation like that because we make to much money for state ... Read More »