What do black roses stand for?

Answer There are actually no true black-colored roses. Those referred to as black roses are actually a very deep red. The black rose stands for death. When sent, they could imply the death of a relationsh... Read More »

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What do orange roses stand for?

There is much symbolism revolving around orange roses. With the reminiscence of fiery throes of passion, love and warmth, orange roses represent courting, romance and friendship. Orange roses are a... Read More »

What do green roses stand for?

Green roses symbolize birth, rebirth and fertility. Green is also the color of money, so such roses can also symbolize hoped-for prosperity and plenitude. Green roses are a good choice for a new re... Read More »

What do different color roses stand for?

Red RoseThis one is the most obvious. It means "I love you." It represents romance and love.Deep PinkThis simply means "thank you". If someone you know does something nice for you, a deep pink rose... Read More »

What region do black roses grow in?

Black roses do not exist naturally, and so do not grow in any region of the world. They are made by using coloring to dye white roses, or by painting roses of various colors.Source:Garden Guides: W... Read More »