What do binocular numbers mean?

Answer Numbers on binoculars represent magnification, aperture, and viewing angle. An understanding of these numbers provides the key to getting the binoculars you need for wildlife, sports or astronomy v... Read More »

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What Does 10X50 Mean in Binocular Jargon?

People often get confused by the two numbers that describe binoculars, but they actually have a simple explanation. Memorizing this simple formula will make shopping for new optics much easier.

What is a binocular microscope?

A binocular microscope has two eyepiece tubes with lenses, like binoculars you use to observe objects from a distance. But the eyepiece tubes are part of a microscope, used to magnify objects close... Read More »

What is a binocular microscope used for?

Low power stereo binocular microscopes are a handy cross between a magnifying glass and a high power microscope. Looking through the two eyepieces, you can see items in 3D and move them around unde... Read More »

What Do pH Numbers Mean?

If you have ever owned a fish tank or a pool, you have probably conducted a pH test. PH tests calculate the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution versus a neutral solution. Solutions found to be ac... Read More »