What do bark beetles eat?

Answer Bark.

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How long long will a Florida pine tree live after being infested with pine bark beetles?

Depends on the species of pine bark beetle. The Southern Pine Bark beetle can kill a tree almost before you knew the beetles arrived. Black Turpentine Bark beetles take longer, but usually attack... Read More »

Why do i only see lady beetles in the garden and no man beetles ?

Discrimination! You should start a support group for them lol!

What are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are a type of bug that feasts on carpet, fur, fabrics and other animal-based materials. They are especially threatening in museums, warehouses and homes where they have access to an... Read More »

What do carpet beetles eat?

Carpet beetles cause more damage than clothes moths, when they are living in larger groups. The diet of the carpet beetle varies between the larval stage and adulthood. Carpet beetle larvae eat fea... Read More »