What do ballet dancers wear?

Answer Ballet dancers spend many years training their bodies to be strong and flexible. Ballet dancers wear special clothing to demonstrate the beautiful lines they create as they dance.Dress CodeClassica... Read More »

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How to Draw Ballet Dancers?

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw ballet dancers. Enjoy! Note: Needed material: papers, pencils, pencil sharpener, razor gum, felt pen acrylics or crayons.

How to Throw an Amazing Sleepover Party With Teenage Ballet Dancers?

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What do merengue dancers wear?

The merengue is a dance in the Latin family. It is typified with marchlike steps and quick hip action to music that has a quick 2/4 beat. The merengue is a simple dance to learn and can be quite fu... Read More »

What do male tango dancers wear?

Picture a couple on the dance floor, totally absorbed in each other, moving to the sensual rhythms of the tango. The lady has her back arched, perhaps a knee lifted high, revealing strong legs bene... Read More »