What do baby ladybugs eat?

Answer leaves and grass just like adult ladybugsSorry- they do not eat leaves and grass- ladybugs are HUNTERS! They eat smaller insect pests, such as aphids. We have ladybugs, lacewings, and praying manti... Read More »

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What do pet ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs are an important asset to plant life because they love to eat garden pests. It is because of this that they are called the "gardener's best friend." There are over 400 species of ladybugs... Read More »

What do ladybugs eat in the winter?

Lady beetles or bugs (Heteroptera), do not eat during the winter. They find shelter in a covered space during the winter and conserve energy and then in the spring become active again. A lady beetl... Read More »

What do ladybugs eat in the house?

Ladybugs are a kind of insect that belong to the beetle family. They can be found living both outdoors and inside people's homes. What ladybugs eat when the end up indoors can sometimes be surpris... Read More »

What vegetables do ladybugs eat?

True lady bugs do not eat plants or vegetables, only other bugsthey will eat grapes (its fun to watch them eat it)