What do baby geckos eat on Runescape?

Answer On the PC game Runescape, baby geckos--found on the Northwest of Karamja shipyard--eat flies and beetle bits, according to the summoning guide. However, you need a skill level of 10 summonin... Read More »

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What do baby geckos eat in runescape?

RuneScape players can trap baby geckos to keep as pets once they reach level 10 Summoning and level 27 Hunter. Baby geckos eat beetle bits, leaves and flies, which players can buy from the game's p... Read More »

How to Raise Baby Geckos?

Geckos are immensely popular among pet owners of herpetological animals, due to their ease of care, bold assortment of colors and overall "cute" appearance. Many species of gecko are easier to bree... Read More »

Can house geckos live with leopard geckos?

It is usually not a good idea to mix species of geckos because different species have different habitat needs and exhibit different behaviors. Additionally, housing two male geckos together can res... Read More »

How to Be a RuneScape Baby?

Have you ever thought about being more immature on RuneScape? Do you want to act childish on RuneScape? The average player may answer "No" to the above questions, but if you answered yes, this guid... Read More »