What do baby Florida green tree frogs eat?

Answer Baby Florida green tree frogs, or American green tree frogs, eat insects. Typically, these amphibians enjoy eating flies, moths and crickets. For baby frogs, small insects are best so the insect ca... Read More »

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What do baby green tree frogs eat?

Baby green tree frogs feed on a variety of insects. Crickets, butterworms and wax worms are some of the more common foods found in their diets. It is a good idea to fortify their meals by sprinkli... Read More »

How to Care for Green Tree Frogs?

If you're interested in frogs, the American Green Tree Frog may be a good pet for you! But before you get in that car, make sure you know what you're doing! The Green Tree Frog is a medium sized tr... Read More »

Where can you buy Australian Green Tree Frogs in Sydney?

Have you tried Taronga Zoo to see if they have an external cultivation/breeding/native care program. Or even your local Wildlife rescue service. I love green tree frogs...they are as cute as dwarf ... Read More »

What eats baby frogs?

Baby frogs are in danger of being eaten by a wide variety of predators, including snakes, lizards, birds, small mammals, teethed fish, water shrews and others. Large or adult frogs often eat smalle... Read More »