What do babies see at the age of 2 months?

Answer Cant see clearly farther then about 5 to 4 feet ahead of him and beginning to distinguish similar colors

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What does babies do at 3 months old?

They are not in the toddler stage yet, so they probably won't crawl. But at 3 months they start developing facial expressions like their parents'. At three months they are still small, be careful! ... Read More »

What 2 months are most babies born?

Do babies cry at 7 months?

Yes, babies cry often, no matter the month.

How much do babies sleep at 3 months?

Three-month-old babies sleep 12 to 15 hours per day, which includes sleeping at night and naps during the day. By the babies are 3 months old, they have started to develop a more regular sleeping p... Read More »