What do babies see at 15 days old?

Answer They see upside down

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Is it just me, or are babies getting fatter these days?

My generation is lazy. And the one coming up is even lazier! We need a food revolution as well as more physical output from parents and kids alike. Lazy parenting = unhealthy children.Also, no food... Read More »

WHY do they say not to give babies rice cereal until 4-6 months, these days?

Firstly I'd like to point out there is a HUGE difference between "just fine", average and optimal. "Just fine" is a pretty low goal.Secondly the generation that was raised on cereal and other soli... Read More »

You are 35 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins you are 75 effaced and dilated to a loose 1 Will you go into labor soon the babies are almost 6 pounds and you are so uncomfortable?

How do you treat Circumvallate Placentation if you've lost 4 babies and 2 of them were miscarriages a stillborn and your daughter lived 14 days and you are trying to find a solution to this problem?

Answer I am sorry but not known is much regarding to Circumvallate Placentation. The best thing to do is speak to a professional in this area and discuss your options. I wish you all the best.