What do auto detailers do?

Answer Auto detailing differs from washing or cleaning, primarily by its intent. While the purpose of cleaning a vehicle's interior or exterior is simply to remove grime, the aim of detailing is to return... Read More »

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How Much do Car Detailers Make a Year?

Automobile detailers ensure that cars and trucks look their best through cleaning and maintenance.Their efforts can add value to a vehicle by preserving its outward appearance. Car detailer salarie... Read More »

How much do mobile detailers make?

The earnings for a person employed in mobile auto detailing will range from $9 per hour to $150 per detail As with any small business, marketing and speed of completing the detail will determine e... Read More »

What happens when you are involved in an auto accident and it is your fault and you have no auto insurance?

AnswerThe person can sue you for the damages. Garnishing your wages or property. In many states in Georgia you can also face criminal prosecution including fines and time in jail.

What happens if medical expenses exceed auto insurance coverage after an auto accident?

1. Most states have a requirement that a registrant of an auto maintain "personal injury protection" (PIP) coverage (altho the name may be different). This is the essence of so-called no-fault auto... Read More »